Red purple pastel



Pastel Lipstick For You’re Loli and Spring Look



Have you ever thought of pastel lipsticks before ? Pastel Lipsticks can add interest to you’re lips . If you want to add something new to you’re spring fashion or you are just always that kawaii princess then you will enjoy these stunning shades .

Pastel colors are a hot trends , from hair to nails so why not try on you’re lips ? Sure these lipstick will make you stand out in a fashionable way . In this collection os pastel lipstick you will have a variety to choose from also base on you’re personal style , you can be sublte or bold and dramatic . Whichever you you’re style is I bet it will be great wearing these pastel lipstick .



Lavender lipstick



Pastel Green , be bold



This bubble gum pink is stunning



Three beautiful shades , buy and share with your friends .



Pastel Pink



Mac Shades








Pastel , Kawaii two color hairstyle

This is unusual to Western cultures but popular in Japan and other Asian Countries . The Kawaii look is cute , adult dressing like kids . I love this look , beautiful two color curls , the bow in the hair , the clean and innocent make up look .

You can get these kind of wigs quite cheap like , $20-50 up, synthetic wigs to complete your Cosplay or Lolita look . If you want something more permanent you can always dye your natural hair in this beautiful color but for those of us with dark hair , you will have to bleach it first to get these very light pastel color .

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Pink Pastel Hair

Two Braid Pastel Pink


Pastel Pink hair is lovely . These two big braids at the side really make such a beautiful and innocent look . She has a classic look but the loose braids are also modern and cute .


Sweet Short Pink Bob


Cute Bob Cut in pink , Swept to the side . This looks young and innocent , great style for young girls and the young at heart .


Two Color , Pink and Purple


You can see why this hair has to be on the list , its quite beautiful . Cute Fairy tale , curly long hair , fall down . This also has a chic look , I like it and I think if you will like pastel hair you will like this one.

Also this is another styling of a two color dye pastel hair , which is also amazingly beautiful and fun .


Hair and Beauty

First Post , I will just be introducing this new blog . As the name suggest it is about beauty and hair primarily . I like fashion as well and my do a few post related to fashion but not a lot .


I like hairstyles and so many beautiful ones out there , that I also wants to share on this blog and attempt doing for myself . Beauty is something that will never end and I am passionate about it , on my social pages I follow lots of beauty trends and I look at these almost everyday . Enjoy watching beauty video on you


Other than  beauty and hair , I also have other passion that you will get to know as I continue . I only hope I will be able to give this  some good quality post , because I also work . I will link to other blogs and resources I find interesting .


Also what do you think of the hair color above ? I love it and I am fascinated with Pastel Color hair and fashion . You will be seeing more of these .